Chuck Collins

Principal and President

Healthcare Stakeholder Solutions, LLC

Charles (Chuck) Collins, MS, MBA, is Principal and President, Healthcare Stakeholder Solutions™ LLC, a managed market consultancy in its 6th year focusing on the healthcare delivery disparities across multiple therapeutic areas such as oncology, hematology, rheumatoid arthritis, hyperkalemia, obesity, diabetes, multiple myeloma, anaphylaxis prevention, bleeding disorders, vaccines, and chronic non-cancer pain. With a deep industry network, Healthcare Stakeholder Solutions works across all managed market channels and partners with various healthcare delivery organizations to develop customized managed market solutions. Mr. Collins has over 29 years of career experience in the life sciences industry and brings a vision of multidisciplinary expertise and stakeholder alignment to the organization. Mr. Collins serves as a Senior Consultant to multiple clients. Mr. Collins also serves as a Senior Fellow to Medonomics, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank specializing in health policy, finance, and operations. Mr. Collins graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University. Mr. Collins additionally holds a master’s degree in clinical chemistry from Old Dominion University and a master’s degree of business administration in pharmaceutical marketing from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.


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