All material presented must be of professional or educational benefit or interest to Summit attendees. Asembia recognizes that Product Theaters will be promotional and may concentrate on a specific product or drug. These sessions are not approved for continuing education credits.


A completed application must be accepted and paid in full before a time slot can be assigned. Time slots are assigned by Asembia and are awarded on a first-come, first served basis. Asembia will attempt to accommodate requests for specific product theater time slots but cannot guarantee any specific time slot. In order to help maximize the experience for Product Theater sponsoring organizations and attendees, Asembia reserves the right to limit competing topics/products in similar time slots. All participating companies must also be exhibitors, sponsors or approved business partners at Asembia’s 2020 Specialty Pharmacy Summit. Presenters may not assign, sublet, share, or exchange all or any part of their Product Theater time with/or to another organization or business without prior written authorization from Asembia.


All speakers and moderators for the Product Theater must be registered for the Asembia’s 2020 Specialty Pharmacy Summit. The organization directing the Product Theater sessions is responsible for ensuring all speakers and moderators are registered in advance of the session.


Asembia does not endorse, recommend or promote any products or services related to Product Theaters. There can be no implication in any promotion materials, handouts, or enduring materials that the Product Theaters are planned, sponsored by, presented in conjunction with, or endorsed by Asembia. All announcements and invitations should clearly indicate on the cover the name(s) of the sponsoring organization for each Product Theater, and the source of financial support, if any, for the event. The use of Asembia’s logos, name, or artwork, or any representations thereof shall be only at the express written consent of Asembia, including use of Asembia’s logos for the 2020 Specialty Pharmacy Summit and Asembia-1. All marketing and promotional materials for a Product Theater must include the following statement: “This Product Theater is a promotional activity and is not approved for continuing education credit. The content of this Product Theater and opinions expressed by presenters are those of the sponsor or presenters and not of Asembia.” Asembia must approve, prior to printing, all promotional announcements, invitations, signs, and other materials intended for distribution to Summit attendees to promote a Product Theater presentation.


Asembia will provide signage promoting Product Theater sessions onsite. Asembia does not permit the distribution or placement of presentation flyers or signs in any area of the exhibit hall or hotels, with the exception of the sponsoring exhibitor’s booth space (if applicable) or a private sponsor meeting room. Asembia reserves the right to remove and discard signs and flyers of any organization violating this policy at the violator’s expense.


Asembia and Wynn & Encore Las Vegas will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage whatsoever arising from participation in the Product Theater or related activities, which may occur to a sponsoring organization or its contractors and/ or agents, and Product Theater attendees in connection with a Product Theater. The exhibitor or sponsor expressly releases Asembia and the Wynn & Encore Las Vegas from any and all claims, injury or damage arising from the content, behaviors or other activities related to the Product Theater.


Full payment for your Product Theater is due upon acceptance of your application. Applicants will be notified if not accepted. No refunds will be given for cancellation of a Product Theater, unless Asembia cancels the event. Cancellation of an exhibit space or sponsorship will automatically result in cancellation of theater time slots. Asembia retains the rights to utilize canceled theater time slots at its own discretion.


The 2020 Summit has been postponed.

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Asembia's Specialty Pharmacy Summit is a PRIVATE EVENT. Asembia reserves the right to deny registration and refuse access at our absolute and sole discretion for any reason whatsoever.

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